Where is Maggie going on her adventure?


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It has been awhile since I have updated my blog with a post about what I have been doing.  I have been busy on my latest adventure and I have not stopped to update my blog.   I you actually like what I write, in addition to my boobs, then read on.  I you are just here for my boobs, I will post some new pictures tomorrow.

A year ago, I started this blog after my girlfriend introduced me to tumblr.  I was mourning the loss of my father and grandmother, who had just passed away and my mother, who had passed away about 6 weeks prior.  I needed a way to escape the pain and sorrow, so I started a blog and began my adventures in tumblr.  What an amazing journey it has been!  Before tumblr, my BDSM experience was limited.  I had a great sex life but it was definitely of the more vanilla variety.  A little kinky once in awhile but nothing too risqué.   I followed my first blog, Erospainter and my journey was off.  Here is what I have discovered on my journey:

  • I am a dominant, in control person in my career and in most areas of my life.  I am submissive sexually. 
  • I have a diverse and rich fantasy life.  I am definitely kinkier than I ever expected.  It has been fun exploring with my Hubby.  He has signed up for the whole adventure and is enjoying every minute of it.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words.  I have finally been able to identify in concrete terms what arouses me sexually.  It has been the combination of words and pictures on tumblr that has helped me do this.
  • I adore being tied up.  I love the feeling of the rope sliding against my skin, the feeling of being restrained and bound, delicious.  Hubby is practicing his rope skills. 
  • I want to be spanked.  I enjoy discipline and punishment as part of my life.  A spanking does wonders for calming the chaos in my mind.
  • I enjoy taking pictures of myself and sharing with the world.  I enjoy the comments and the feedback.  It makes me feel great.   It has given me a lot of self confidence and I really needed it.
  • The world of BDSM is vast and varied.  I have much to learn and I am up for the challenge.
  • I was excited to put on my collar for the first time.  I was surprised at how comfortable and right it felt on me.  Wearing a collar was the furthest thing from my mind when I started this blog.  It is interesting to see how your perspective changes over time.
  • Despite how kinky I think I am now, I am still in the shallow end of the pool.  There is some crazy stuff buried out there in tumblr world.  I have learned to be careful with my search terms.
  • There are some amazing people on tumblr.  I have enjoyed making new friends and finding interesting messages in my inbox.  I have been very fortunate, I have not had any of the hurtful messages I have seen other people get on tumblr.  I love hearing that people have found my journey inspiring and exciting.


My adventure is continuing in new directions and you will see that reflected in my blog posts.  I am continuing my journey to understand what drives me sexually.  My journey will continue into the world of BDSM.   I look forward to sharing this journey.  I have had people tell me that they get a lot out of my blog and what I share.  I think sex is an amazing topic and I love to talk about it.

Thank you for all the notes and love in my inbox over the last year.  I have truly enjoyed the experience and I am up for doing this for another year.  I hope you enjoy my efforts.


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