Cheer up or I’m going to spank you.







Really?  That would be awesome!

That wasn’t the response I thought I’d get but come on over with your paddle and we’ll give it a whirl. 

Lmao. I CANNOT for the life of me see Amber spanking Maggie with a straight face. I see her blushing bright red and laughing. However, feel free to prove me wrong!

Lol. I agree, in my fantasies it’s the other way around.

Well you know, I am exploring new parts of myself.  Maybe that is a better way to take out my frustrations!  On your bottom!  What a lovely offer Miss Amber!


I do have a lovely bottom. It’s even nicer when it’s pink.

You know, you’re right.  Bring that bottom over to me and let me spank it.  Sir doesn’t get to spank me any longer, so I need a new outlet.  Shall I be your Mistress as well?  🙂  Maybe, fulfill a few of those fantasies?


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