“You got a rough day ahead today, baby?”

“Yes.  I have that presentation, and then meetings with the investors today.  I feel so worked up.”

“Well, you’re going to do great, baby.  I know you’re going to kill it.”

“I just want to get it over with.  I just need it to be over.”

“Well, perhaps you need a stress relaxer before you leave.”

“What do you mean?”

“Bend over.”


“I said bend over.  Now.”

“Really?  Now?”

“Really.  Now.”

“Ohhh, fuck, Sir.  God damn, I love when you take control like that.”

“Open your fucking legs.”

“Fuckk, yes, Sir.”

“Look how fucking wet you are already.  You need it hard don’t you, baby?”

“Fuck.  Fuckkk.  Yes, Sir.”

“Now you have a tough day and I know you’re stressed.  You fucking cum when you’re ready.  You hear me, little girl?”

“Fuckkk, oh godddd, fuckkkk, thank you, Sir.  Harder, Sir.  Please.  Harder.”

So much this.


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