Looking for options

Like everyone, I’m bummed about having to move to a SFW blog. I’m looking for options. I really enjoyed the community here. I met my Master through tumblr and that was a miracle. I found my sexual self here. I was safe to reveal myself at my pace, gaining confidence with every post. Everything changes though, so a new start might lead to something even better.


Embracing 2018

I love to use the New Years date change to reset myself, and think about what I want to accomplish in the next year.  In the past, I have had a yearly practice or picking a word that I use as a theme for the year.  I would like to return to that,  It helps me work towards my goals and keeps me focused.  According to Kit de Luca,  from the movie Pretty Woman, “you gotta have a goal!”.  It’s how you move forward and improve your life.  One choice at a time, until you become the person you want to be.

This year I’ve picked the word Embrace to use as a theme for all of my goalsI have goals for my sexual self and exploration with my partners. Embrace is a fitting word for me.  I am an adaptable person and my nature is fluid and dynamic.  I have always been the first to embrace change.  No sense fighting the inevitable, it’s better to ride the change, than be consumed by it. 

My goals for the next year:

💯  Embrace my marriage and my partnership with my Daddy and make sure that it is thriving.  It’s so easy to let everything become mundane after many years of marriage.  We are going to explore domestic discipline.  My Husband is very much my Daddy, but I hold much of the power in the relationship because I am the financial provider.  That power dynamic ends up causing problems in our relationship.  He will have to make some changes for me to consent to this agreement.  I’m hopeful that it will actually help both of us and be a fun exploration as well.  This is an adventure right?

💯  Embrace in what it means to be my Sir’s cunt.  I want to deepen the connection between us.  My submission to Sir, is one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever had.  I find peace and freedom in my surrender to him.  I want more.  I wish to explore his role as my Sir, my Papa, and my Master.  So many delicious adventures ahead with him.

💯  Embrace being the sexual being that I am and that I have nothing to hide from the world.  I have fantasies that I need to get out and share.  Watch out world, I love sharing myself and plan on doing that more. I have an x-tube channel, but I don’t share it much on my blog.  I’ve always been reluctant because my Tumblr blog was fairly mild in content, in relative comparison.  I’ve decided that it was just my anxiety surfacing, attempting to convince me that I should be guilty, or ashamed of what I do.  I’m just not about that any more, I’ve got no time for it.  I’m getting older and I am not guaranteed, anything, but the moment I am in.  Life is short and this is my erotic adventure.

💯  Embrace the little girl that resides within me, and nurture her.  She is part of the woman I am.  I love to dress up in little girl dresses that I’ve created for my Daddy and my Sir.  I love my stuffy, Lolly.  I love hair bows, ruffled panties, and lacy socks.  Princess movies, candy land games, making cookies.  Being protected, guided, nurtured, and disciplined is absolutely essential to my happiness.

💯  Embrace my relationship with my beautiful girl, Amber and make sure we are both exploring, committed, and getting what we need out of it.  We are really into each other, but tentative in proceeding in a relationship with a woman, beyond a single sexual encounter or two. This is new territory for us, but I am confident we will find our way with each other.  We committed in August that we would go slowly, but move forward with our relationship. I plan on embracing that.  It will be good for both of us and I am positive a lot of fun.

💯  Embrace my love for erotic fantasies and my desire to write, by exploring my fantasies through my journaling and writing.  Perhaps I’ll be brave enough to share with the world, but if not, I’ll share with my partners.  I also desire to write more in general.  I have a desire to share more of my experience.  I believe I have a lot of insight now regarding BDSM, Polyamory, and relationships in general.

I am looking forward to a fabulous year. After all, it will be what I make of it.  I plan on making it a year to remember. how about you?


Maggie’s Musings – 07/02/2017

Hello my Tumblr Lovelies,

Happy Sunday!

So much is going on for me right now with work, that it is hard for me to remember to stop and take a breather.  I am glad I have a wonderful Daddy, a Sir, and a Mister, to keep me occupied. 

Life is so good, I can almost not believe it to be true. I truly feel like I have settled into a wonderful rhythm in my relationships.  My husband is still front and center in my life.  He is my partner and my dearest love, my Daddy.  He takes care of me in so many important ways that I often lose count.  It is my job to make sure that I never let him feel like he is not important to me.  I love being married to him and planning for our many years ahead.  He is an incredibly supportive partner and I am fortunate to be married to him and sharing our lives.

My adventure really branched out when I added additional physical relationships.  I had to learn how to balance the excitement of a new partner, while making sure my spouse does not feel neglected.  My partners each satisfy things in myself that I have discovered I need to be happy.  That is what this journey has always been about, self discovery.  I wanted to remove the barriers that my childhood and adolescence had placed on me, that stood between me and true sexual freedom.

I finally free to enjoy myself, to explore, to learn, to grow.  If you have been a regular follow of mine, then I am sure you have noticed that the tone has changed.  I love that it has.  I feel free to share my sexual side without embarrassment or shame.  It is a wonderful feeling and I am thankful that I have finally arrived at it.

I hope that each of you finds your own journey to sexual freedom and whatever that means to you.  


Maggie’s Musings – 07/02/2017 was originally published on Maggie’s Big Adventure

Maggie’s Musings – 04.12.2017

One year ago today my life changed significantly.  I answered a tumblr message and I am so very happy that I did.  I will admit I am sporadic about answering my messages.  I will respond to people who take the time to send a well worded message, but I have no time for random pics of men or “hey, do you wanna fuck? messages.  So I don’t bother to put in effort if the person messaging hasn’t put in any effort.  For whatever reason, I responded to my Sir’s message almost immediately.  It was simple and straightforward like him.  

Within a few messages we were both interested in each other.  We are similar age, have similar interests, and even more wonderful, we live within a few hours of each other.  Within a few days, he told me, “I would like to take steps toward you being my submissive.”  This thrilled me and scared me.  I had baggage to overcome from my previous D/s relationship, I did not want to repeat the mistakes I had made in it. I move to fast, I trust to easily, I follow my heart and not my head, I dont question enough…All of these things ran through my head in our first weeks of getting to know each other. 

I am sure that others would say that I did not slow down a bit.  I would say, I waited three weeks to jump in and asked a lot of questions.  My Sir presented me a contract as a basis for us to frame our relationship.  We discussed it together and made adjustments to meet our needs.  My contract is one of the many differences between this relationship and the previous.  I find comfort in the structure and the expectations that are outlined in it.  I would tell any new submissive that they should insist on a contract, I feel it is important.  The first contract was for 30 days.

On June 12th, I signed a contract for a year, and never looked back.  This relationship has been amazing.  I adore the man I call Sir.  He makes every day beautiful and adds so much richness to my life.  He is my Sun and I am his moon.  The space between us is as much a part of us,  as anything else.  We are both happily married, so it is important that we balance ourselves and not harm our primary relationship.  It would be so easy to get lost in each other.

I look forward to many more anniversaries with my wonderful Sir @reddi-whip.