Here you go. That was fun, thanks for being a good sport and a super sexy tumblr pal!!!!!!

Thank you, Mr. Naughty Secrets, for my prize.  I think this qualifies as a very sexy fan sign,  Maybe it will inspire other fans to submit their own. 


Panty Photo Smackdown of 2013 – The Results

Dear followers,

The polls have closed and the results are in for the contest.  The fans have made their voices heard, loud and clear, that you prefer Maggie in her panties.  It could could also just be apathy or not caring, but I will go with you prefer me in my panties.

My prize is a picture of my choosing from Mr. Naughty Secrets.  More to come on that shortly.

Final Results:

Round 1: Maggie 38/Mr. Naughty Secrets 10

Round 2: Maggie 46/Mr. Naughty Secrets 18

Round 3: Maggie 34/Mr. Naughty Secrets 8

Round 2 was the winning picture.

Thanks for playing!