Comments on posts and Messages in inbox

I’m getting tired of some of the degrading comments being added to my posts. I can’t control the people that do that, but I can shame them and block them. I love sharing my pictures. I want to arouse and tease and explore my sexuality, I don’t want comments that make me feel bad. Take that somewhere else.

Lets have a happy adventure together. I want to start interacting more and having fun with my followers. I’ll just kick the ones out who can’t play nice.


New rule at Maggie’s Big Adventure

If you message me or send me email asking to see my tits or if you can show me your cock, I will just block you. I have an archive filled with my pictures that you can peruse to your hearts content. As for pictures of your cock, I will request them if I want them. I have all of the cock I need these days, thank you very much. I love to interact with people when I have time, but I have got no time for this.