-I need some structure.
-I need some rules.
-I need consequences.
-I need encouragement.
-I need positivity.
-I need to be man-handled.
-I need to be cuddled.
-I need to be understood.
-I need to be rewarded.
-I need to understand my submission.
-I need my limits to be pushed.
-I need to know in protected.
-I need to know I’m cherished.
-I need to have my mind silenced.
-I need attention.
-I need to feel needed.
-I need to feel wanted.
-I need to be put in my place.
-I need to be marked.
-I need to be claimed.

I need all of these things, and much more.


Good morning, sunshine.

You’re the bravest, kindest, most awesome, kickass person that has walked this planet. You bring magic into existence with every single breath you take, even if it feels like you are struggling right now. You are so much more than you give yourself credit for and living proof that your ancestors struggled for something worthwhile. Make sure you drink some water and eat some food today. Gotta take care of that flesh vessel to see whats coming next. I bet it’s going to be awesome.